Sinnowa B200 Biochemistry Auto Analyzer
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 Sinnowa B200 Biochemistry Auto Analyzer (Speed:140 Test/Hour)  

      B 200 Tecnical Specifications

Sample capacity: 64 for sample, standard and control
●Reagent capacity: 18/20,refrigerator on request
●Methods: End point, kinetic, fixed time, differential, bichromatic, immunoturbidmetric, 1-2 reagent assays, multi-standard and all users programmable
●Optical system:  6V/10W, with 7 high quality narrow band filter positions and two move filter positions, wavelength ranges form 300nm-700nm, photometric measuring range: 0-3.0 O.D
●Diluter: 1000ul, 1.0ul/step
●Throughput:  120 test/hr
B200 Katalog ING-1 B200 Katalog ING-2