Customer Care

Customer Satisfaction                                                                                                   
          We developed after-sale service mentality in order to achieve prime objective of the century, customer satisfaction and to meet  future expectations of the customer. Using advantages of production and strong sales, we introduced Sufficient and Progressive Supply concept. We  enhanced our services permanently satisfactory and strong by on-line critical spare parts monitorization with automation software and  replacement parts management system.

          Main target of SEZMED Diagnostik A.Ş. services  is  Customer Satisfaction and Expectations of Customer. Customers uniformly expect continious, sustainable, triable, comprehensible Quality and Sense of Quality. We are pleased to receive your opinion and suggestions about our services,products with submitting  Survey Form, After – Service Survey Form.

 Qualified and Professional Staff                                                                                    
          Repairs and maintenance works are carried out sensitively by skilled, experienced, well trained engineer, technician and technical team who adopt quality as principle. All operations performed, all repairs applied to devices or its components are secured  electronically, recorded in device files.
          In parallel with technological developments and product enhancements of  represented manufacturers, our technical team serves professionally by  refreshing its information flow and  skills constantly, together with customer oriented inservice trainings.Technical team inspired with ’’ Fast soved problems are the easy ones, time consuming problems are the hard ones’’ policy; started out with a training period to gain rapid intervention and potential  solution generating skills. Automated ‘’ device test charts’’,of devices which are   previously  after - serviced, precisely overhauled   and fixed periodically  with QC files prevented any unnoticed detail(s) for later purposes,  .
          Contracts department, with its  technical provisions information infrastructure and sophisticated cost calculation software, directs and trains dealers with editing programs and summary files prior to tender on real cost of bids, necessary points to consider  and importance of required specifications.


          Failure analysis is performed before repair in Sezmed Diagnostik A.Ş. service department. Customer/Dealer are informed about necessary operation(s) and related cost. Products under warranty are processed in accordance with articles and obligations  written in Warranty Certificate. Warranty Period can be enlarged by 5-7 years within economic costs or After Cervice Maintenance Contract is formed. All preceedings are recorded, and all recorded procedures are fulfilled. Customer oriented solutions are provided, with avoiding objective, spontaneous, immethodical practices and  without breaking corporate entity. Thanks to fixed price index and pricing policy, which aids customer(s) to  predict a clear wiev  of future and unpredictable risks are not encountered.