Company Profile

Continuous innovation and steady quality strategy…

Sezmed Diagnostics A.S. has founded in 1998 by professional team. In very short time Sezmed has invested his all effort on R&D and marketing that has devoted to Medical Sciences mainly In Vitro Medical Devices (IVD).

Sezmed Diagnostics A.S. all success has been based on three main criteria since it started to run in the IVD industry.  

  • The pursuit all new technologies and user friendly trends.
  •  Academic, scientific controlled, continual ‘Strictly QC and High Quality Production’ strategy
  • Providing reliable diagnostics of outstanding quality at affordable prices all over the world.
  • Professional marketing highly sensitive and specific to demands of IVD customers.

We are convinced that all our products will meet or exceed your requirements in regard to:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Timely delivery
  • Cost effectiveness

The results of these perspectives; SEZMED has been represented many countries in the world and main cities in Turkey with respected distributors/subdistribitors and high demanded products in diagnostic market very fast.

Some panels;

  • As known Archem has had good-strong cooperation with university, academia and the R&D projects with the Turkish R&D Center of government named ‘TUBITAK’ since 2008. The result of these projects; Archem has developed its production technology continuously. Now Archem produces hematology reagents for 24 different trademarks and more than 40 models of hematology analyzers. Archem become global player in the in vitro diagnostics industry with a broad range of laboratory diagnostics.Our corporation provides distribution to countries ranging from Romania to Vietnam, from Morocco to all European countries.
  • Archem pays great attention to social responsibility with serious management and quality control, is ranked in Credit AAA enterprises in Turkey and granted CE, ISO and TSE certificates.
  • Archem Biochemistry reagents have based on liquid form as needs of last trends. Lyophilized reagents formats has ceased nearly %99 as a directive of ‘R&D’ and ‘Marketing Managing’ that they worked totally synchronies. Main parameters are mono reagent concept. (Albumin, Amylase, Ferrum, Ca, IgA-G-M, C3-C4, Transferrin etc. Archem production based on ready reagent bottle that is specific to many Biochemistry Analyzers such as Beckman, Hitachi, Sinnowa, Erba XL etc with ready application inserts on intended analyzer model.
  • We provide biochemistry reagents with Archem name as well as OEM and BULK with support of Archem Diagnostics LTD.
  • SINNOWA is powerfull R&D Center in China mainly focused medium size laboratuary analzyers such us biochemistry auto analzyers, hematology analzyerz, photometers, electrolite analyzers, micropipets, blood control materials.
  • GENIUS is producer of last generation and trend based on semi automated, fully automated coagulation analzyers.

Let’s go to future that will meet vision in your dreams…